About Montessori

Why Teach Montessori

The educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori enables you to become a facilitator in the life-long process providing children an atmosphere which nurtures them to grow. You will challenge children with opportunities for growing and developing, questioning and discovering, reasoning and judging. From your guidance, children will become mature and live meaningful personal and professional lives.

Why Teach Montessori

Aside from the wonderful opportunity to develop, motivate, and challenge the lives of children, the United States is likely to continue to have a shortage of Montessori teachers until at least 2020. Established Montessori schools are expanding and public schools are increasingly recruiting Montessori certified teachers.

We will have a continued shortage of Montessori teachers at all levels for as far ahead as we can see--at least until 2020. This is especially true in America, with the President’s goals and the involvement of everyone in Early Childhood Education and alternative educational approaches for elementary education.

The shortage of well-trained Montessori teachers continues to become more evident as more and more communities are requesting that Montessori schools be established. Despite the fact that Montessori schools have been multiplying faster than any other category of school, three out of four communities are still without a Montessori school in their midst. Added to this is the fact that established Montessori schools are seeking to expand and the public is pressuring for more Montessori public school teachers. The job openings outnumber teachers available better than two to one.