Each syllabi states points which can be earned for each assignment. Each assignment for Mid-America is graded as stated on the given rubric scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest score to be earned. Students are made aware of their rubric scores with a copy of the rubric report given to the student after each assessment, either by the instructor or the Practicum Coordinator. The Practicum Coordinator maintains an electronic student record of all grades and the Administrative Director keeps the original paper rubric in the office file.


Students must attend 90% of any course component. If more time than 10% is missed, the student must contact the instructor to discuss a reasonable means of making up the time, which may include taking the component again. The instructor reports the make-up agreement to the Practicum Supervisor and maintains this information in the students file. The student will not be allowed to graduate until the agreed component make-up work has been completed.