Early Childhood Program ( 2½ - 6 Years )

The work of the child consists of creating the human being that it has become. The adult works to improve his environment while the child works to improve himself - Dr. Maria Montessori

Note: The Early Childhood Program prepares adults to educate children from 2. 5 years through 6 years of age in an environment within the Montessori Philosophy. Students can enter into the course in September or January with weekly online components through May. Students are required to complete the course through in-residence participation at our Omaha campus. Students or staff who determine students have not successfully completed the online components will be required to attend the make-up sessions during the summer, in-residence. At this time, those seeking credit towards a Master's Degree, should view the American Montessori Society Website,, "Master's Degree in Montessori" for information that will award a Master's Degree and other degree options. Students may also seek undergraduate credits from Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NE.

Early Childhood Online Schedule
Philosophy (online weekly), Sep 7-Oct 4, 2017 or Jan 4-Jan 31, 2018
Child Development (online weekly), Oct 19-Nov 15, 2017 or Jul 5-31, 2018
Practical Life (online weekly), Feb 1-Mar 7, 2018
Sensorial (online weekly), Mar 8-Apr 4, 2018
Math (online weekly), Apr 5-May 9, 2018
Language (online weekly), May 10-Jun 13, 2018

Required In-Residence Schedule
Jun 13-Jul 3, 2018

Practicum and Seminars
Monthly online discussion and participation in online seminars
Sep 2018-May 2019

Practicum and Seminars
Monthly online discussion and participation in online seminars, Sept. 2017-May 2018

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