The Elementary I Program ( 6 - 9 Years )

Through manual activity the child reaches a higher level of intelligence; whoever has worked with his own hands has a stronger character. My experience has shown that if for some peculiarities of the environment, the child cannot make use of his hands, his character remains at a very low level, he remains incapable of obedience or initiative, and becomes lazy and sad, while the child who has been able to work with his hands shows a marked development and force of character - Dr. Maria Montessori

Elementary Online Schedule
EC Overview/Philosophy (online weekly), Sept. 8-Oct. 19, 2016 or Jan. 5-Febr. 15, 2017
Child Development, Oct. 20-Nov. 16, 2016 or June 15-July 5, 2017
Elementary I History/Geography (online weekly), Nov. 17-Dec. 21, 2016
Elementary I Language/Grammar (online weekly), Jan. 5-Febr. 15, 2017
Elementary I Math/Geometry (online weekly), Febr.16-April 19, 2017
Elementary I Biology/Physical Science/Leadership (online weekly), Apr. 20-May 31, 2017

Make-up Sessions if needed for incomplete online attendance/work
July 5-8, 2017 with additional hours scheduled with staff as needed

Required In-Residence Schedule
EC Overview(Peace), EC Overview (Observation), Leadership, Practical Life, History, Language, Geography, Math, Art, Geometry -July 9-15, 2017
Curriculum Design, Art, Biology, Language, Movement, Math, Physical Science, Geometry,
Music, History, Geography, July 16-22, 2017
Exceptional Child, Music, Grammar, Geometry, Music, Math, Art, Philosophy, Language,
Practical Life, Movement, Year-Long Project July 23-29, 2017
Additional time on campus can be scheduled with staff.

Practicum and Seminars
Monthly online discussion and participation in online seminars, Sept. 2017-May 2018
Practicum and Seminars
Monthly online discussion and participation in online seminars, Sept. 2017-May 2018
Note: Elementary I Program Elementary Students without Montessori Early Childhood training from a MACTE accredited training center must complete the Early Childhood Overview course components, which are available online. Students can enter into the course in September with weekly online components through May. Students are required to complete the course through in-residence participation at our Omaha campus. Students or staff who determine students have not successfully completed the online components will be required to attend the make-up sessions during the summer, in-residence. At this time, those seeking credit towards a Master's Degree, should view the American Montessori Society website,, "Master's Degree in Montessori" for information about institutions that will award a Master's Degree and other degree options. Elementary Elementary Book List

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The Academic Phase

AMS Certificate Course Components:

  • Montessori Philosophy/Child Development
  • Classroom Leadership
  • Curriculum Design/Strategies
  • Practical Life/PE/Integrated Arts
  • Language/Grammar
  • Mathematics/Geometry
  • Geography/History
  • Physical Science/Biology
  • Practicum / Seminars

The Practicum Phase ( August - May )

(May be postponed if teaching in a 9-12 environment until the academic 9-12 phase has been completed).

Students seeking AMS 6-9 credential must complete a full day, full week, nine month practicum experience at an approved site. This may be done either as a self-directed internship in one's own classroom, or in partnership with an experienced supervising teacher. The cost of three consulting visits is included in the tuition. In the event that additional visits are necessary, or if an internship is located more than 100 miles from the training center, additional charges will be negotiated between the Institute and the student.