The Elementary I-II Program ( 6 - 12 Years )

The child experiences the joy of discovery. Thus, the child discovers his own freedom, his own order, his own discipline and his own liberty - Maria Montessori

The Elementary II Program prepares adults to work with students from nine years through twelve years of age. The adult learner must have completed or in the process of completing an approved AMS Elementary I course. This program consists of summer intensive academic session at the Omaha campus or a blended course option of online components with a minimum of-three weeks on campus (180 campus hrs) course. . Elementary II (9-12) students would have completed the Elementary I (6-9) training. Students may receive 15 graduate credits towards a Masters Degree at Plymouth State University upon completion and receipt of the AMS credential.

Elementary II Schedule
Elementary II Language-Grammar (Weekly Online components)-January 8-February 5, 2015
Required summer in-residence components, July 3, 6, 2015
Elementary II Math (Weekly Online components)-March 8-April 30, 2015
Required summer in-residence components, July 7-10, 2015
Elementary II Geometry-Daily in-residence, June 18-20, 2015
Elementary II History/Geography-Daily in-residence, June 22-26, 2015
Elementary II Biology/Physical Science-Daily in-residence, June 27, 29,30, July 1,2, 2015

Elementary Book List

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The Academic Phase

AMS Certificate Course Components

  • Mathematics/Geometry
  • Language/Grammar
  • Biology/Physical Science
  • History/Geography
  • Practical Life/PE/Integrated Arts ( If not completed in Elementary I Course )

Practicum Phase ( August - May )

( Only if a practicum was not completed after the 6-9 academic phase )

Students seeking AMS 6-12 credential must complete a full day, five day per week, nine month practicum experience at an approved site. This may be done either as a self-directed internship in one's own classroom or in partnership with an experienced supervising teacher. The cost of three consulting visits is included in the tuition. In the event that additional visits are necessary or if an internship site is located more than 100 miles from the training center, additional charges will be negotiated between the training center and the student.