No new cohort will be offered during the 2019-20 academic year

Application requirements:

  • Completed application and $150 application fee (Refundable up to 72 hours after applying)
  • Two copies of official College or University transcripts sent directly to Mid-America *
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Statement of your goals, as they relate to Montessori
  • Your experiences with children to date, and description of your personality in relation to becoming a Montessori teacher
  • Proof of meeting Nebraska’s Background Check requirement

* Students with non-U.S. transcripts must provide previously stated requirements for review.


All of the above must be received before review for acceptance into the program. If the course is cancelled due to low enrollment, the $150 application fee will be refunded within thirty days of cancellation.


Completed applications are due by:

August 1 for the September entry

December 1 for the January entry.

Applications received at the Institute after that date will be assessed an additional $100 late processing fee.

An additional $100.00 fee will be added with applications sent with any of the above requirements missing.

A student identification number will not be issued until all of the above have been submitted.


Your acceptance will be based upon your qualifications and suitability will be determined on the basis of the written application, previous academic record, references and interview.  When all of the required information has been received, the Teacher Education Administrator will make a final review.  The applicant will be notified with regard to his/her acceptance into the training program with a student identification number which allows access to website course information and handouts.

The Institute admits students without regard to race, color, nationality, sex, age, physical ability, marital status, and creed or ethnic origin and provides all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded to students.  Each candidate for admission is considered individually and no single factor, such as rank in class or recommendation, will be a deciding factor.  Neither acceptance or completion of a Mid-America Course guarantees employment, salary, or career advancement.

Applicant Qualifications

Infant/Toddler and Early Childhood applicants must provide proof and transcripts of a U.S. high school diploma or U.S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Elementary applicants must provide proof of an U.S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Students with non-U.S. transcripts must provide previously stated requirements for review.

Satisfactory Standards of Progress

Satisfactory progress requires that the student complete the course program within three years from the beginning date of the academic phase with a quality point average of a 3 or better. A scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, is used for assessment. A continuation fee will be charged if you do not complete your training within these deadline dates.

Scholarships are based on need and personal qualifications. An AMS scholarship applicant must apply to Mid-America Teachers Training Institute as a student and then apply to the American Montessori Society (AMS) for a scholarship.

For an AMS scholarship, applicants must apply to Mid-America Montessori Teachers Training Institute by April 1 in time for the AMS May 1 deadline.  These are two separate application processes.  Please refer to the AMS website ( for the AMS scholarship form, then complete it and the Mid-America application forms.  Please send all required information for both applications to the Mid-America office by April 1.

Housing is available on the campus of the Nebraska Methodist College/Josie’s Village Housing, 720 N 87th St. These new dorms offer private or double rooms with a private bathroom and cooking facilities. This facility is part of the Nebraska Health Systems campus which Nebraska Methodist Hospital is one block away. For the 2018 year, double and single bedroom apartments, as well as family apartments will be available. To inquire or arrange for housing and rates for 2018. Jennifer Harm, (402) 354 – 7061, [email protected]

In the event that an intern staying on-campus would require health care, the Housing Director will be contacted (402-354-7224) and a list of health care providers will be made available or upon entrance of the emergency center at Nebraska Methodist Hospital, a medic will be assigned. Also, a listing of local pharmacies and out-patient clinics are posted in each apartment.

The Mid-America staff will be available for assistance in referrals for other services or academic counseling. All requests are kept confidential by the staff. You can contact us by visiting our online contact form.

Each syllabi states points which can be earned for each assignment. Each assignment for Mid-America is graded as stated on the given rubric scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest score to be earned. Students are made aware of their rubric scores with a copy of the rubric report given to the student after each assessment, either by the instructor or the Practicum Coordinator. The Practicum Coordinator maintains an electronic student record of all grades and the Administrative Director keeps the original paper rubric in the office file.

Attendance is recorded by the instructor daily and reported to the Training Coordinator at the end of each course component. The instructor will make note of the time adult-learners are not present or participating in class appropriately during scheduled course components.  The absence or non-participation in online or in-residence classes will be noted and reported to the Training Coordinator. ​ Each individual adult-learner’s attendance is recorded within the electronic gradebook by the Training Coordinator.


It is required that all adult-learners will attend and participate 100% during the scheduled dates and times for each course component, whether online or in-residence.   However, we recognize that ​unforeseen circumstances do arise.  If an adult-learner is unable to attend a scheduled course component, it is up to the adult-learner to contact the instructor to discuss how he/she will be able to make-up the missed lesson, time and work.  If the adult-learner is not appropriately participating during the course component, he/she will not be considered present and the adult-learner ​will need to make up the unsatisfactory time.  In residence campus sessions and online forum discussions and practice sheets are considered as part of the adult-learner’s attendance.  ​Adult-learners must participate in all required online forums.   One late submission is permitted before needing to contact the instructor to determine how the forum ​discussion can be made up.


​​Adult-learners are expected to make up any missed class time or work.  However, ​If the adult-learner misses or does not satisfactorily participate in ​10% or more of any course ​component, the adult-learner must meet with the instructor and training coordinator to develop a make-up plan.  The make-up plan may include additional time in-residence with the instructor (which will necessitate additional payment to the instructor by the adult-learner) or the adult-learner re-taking​ the course ​component the next time it is offered.  The adult-learner will not be recommended for a credential until the course attendance and participation requirements have been met.