Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees – Omaha Campus

No new cohorts will be offered during the 2019-20 academic year

for cohorts beginning in or after June  2018

Non-refundable fees
$ 150 – Application fee  (If cancellation occurs within 72 hours of enrollment, this fee shall be refunded)
$ 230 – 2-year student membership in the American Montessori Society
$ 166 – MACTE Student fees

2018/2019 Tuition
$ 4940 – Infant / Toddler
+ $ 310 EC Overview (for those who do not hold an EC Certification)

$ 4125 – Elementary II
+ $ 690 Field & Practicum Supervision (if not completed with Elem. I)


For Early Childhood and Elementary I please refer to  UNK’s Tuition and Fees – University of Nebraska at Kearney


Other Expenses 
NOT INCLUDED in the above tuition amounts are the student’s board and lodging, all books listed as pre-reading assignments, and materials required for the creation of the original exercises which are a part of our evaluation system.

Fees for Distance Practicum 
Students whose practicum student-teaching site is located beyond a 50-mile radius of the Omaha MMTTI training center may be subject to additional charges for travel by program faculty in making on-site assessment visits, and/or for field consultant supervision and instruction. The same is true for students engaging in a self-directed internship.

Payment Information – Omaha Campus

All MMTTI tuition and fees, as well as MACTE and AMS fees must be paid to Mid-America before credentials will be issued.

All applicants and/or their sponsor, will be emailed invoices by the accounting department.  Invoices may be paid by mailing a check to the address below or online using the link provided in the email.  Online payment may be made via credit card and/or bank account.  Payments by Check or Money Order can be remitted to:

Mid-America Montessori Teacher Training Institute
Accounts Receivable
12344 Pacific Street
Omaha, NE 68154

Application Payment – $150 due with application submission
AMS/MACTE fee Payment – $396 due 30 days prior to class start
The above must be paid before entrance into the course will be granted.

Tuition payment plans – for cohorts beginning in September

One installment
100% due September 1st

Two installments
50% due September 1st;
50% due June 1st

Four installments (contact accounting to setup this payment plan)
$150 finance fee due September 1st
25% due September 1st
25% due December 1st
25% due March 1st
25% due June 1st


Tuition payment plans – for cohorts beginning in January

One installment
100% due January 1st

Two installments
50% due January 1st
50% due June 1st

Four installments (contact accounting to setup this payment plan)
$150 finance fee due January 1st
25% due January 1st
25% due March 1st
25% due May 1st
25% due July 1st


A charge of $50.00 will be assessed for any returned checks.

You may find it necessary to withdraw/drop from MMTTI before the end of the course. The date that you start the withdrawal process is the official withdrawal date and will be used to determine the specific components of the course which you were enrolled, given online or in-residence access and received materials from MMTTI to participate in that component.    Tuition refund will be granted based upon the above determination.

The date of withdrawal is considered to be the date which the Institute office receives a written statement of withdrawal by the student. Students must send letter of withdrawal to BOTH [email protected] AND [email protected].   Students failing to notify the office will forfeit any refund.  Students dismissed from the course will also forfeit any refunds.

Refunds are based upon the official first day of class. If you are eligible to receive a refund for withdrawal from class, you will be issued a refund within thirty days of receiving the letter of withdrawal.

Stop Payment Charge

MMTTI is not responsible for refund checks lost in the mail. In the event you do not receive your refund check and wish for us to issue a new check, a stop payment fee (currently $25.00) will be deducted from the new check. Stop payment requests on refund checks will only be processed once the check has been missing for 10 business days from date of mailing.

Students who register at Mid-America Montessori Teacher Training Institute:

  • Assume responsibility of full payment for tuition and fees generated from that registration, regardless of any sponsor agreements.
  • Must keep a current mailing address for invoicing purposes on file with our accounting department.
  • Failure to receive an invoice because of an incorrect address does not relieve responsibility of timely payments.

Failure to make satisfactory financial arrangements can result in delay of certification, denial of future registration privileges, removal from classes, and/or referral to a collection agency.

Students whose accounts are referred to a collection agency will be liable for all reasonable collection costs including attorney fees and other charges necessary for collection of this debt. Accounts referred to collections are reported to the credit bureau(s).

By registering for classes, students acknowledge receipt of this information and their acceptance of the associated responsibilities.